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Digital Gallery Images

The Gallery includes images of the borough's streets and buildings and portraits of people and communities. The Digital Gallery images are displayed as thumbnails. Full size images can be viewed by clicking on a thumbnail.

How do I obtain a copy of an image?

Photographic copies can be obtained from Tower Hamlets Local Studies and Archives (there is a charge for this service) or a maximum of 5 digital copies can be emailed to you. If you would like to use the images for publication or display please contact us at


St Luke's School 1920s

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Island History Trust Image Collection


St Luke's School, Isle of Dogs, about 1926. Back row: Alfred Perkins (Manilla Street), Alfred Lester (Tooke Street), - , Frank McKechnie (Strafford Street), Alfred Midmer (Havannah Street), Alfred Newman (Cuba Street). Second row: Alfred MIngay (Tobago Street), David Love (Alpha Road), Tommy Prudence (Manilla St), Jimmy Hunter (Alpha Road) , Alfred Lauder (Westferry Road), William Dyer (Malabar Street), Jock (or Len) Jarvis (Havannah Street), John Attewell (Tooke Street), George Evans (Cheval Street), John Durling (Tooke Street), William Shekyls (Tooke Street). Third row: William Donovan (Manilla Street), Patrick Burke (Manilla Street), Alf Brundle (Havannah Street), George Hammond (Tooke Street), Alfred Yelland (Havannah St); George Wright (Cuba St); Tommy Hooper (Tooke St); George Thurgood (Jaanet St); Alfred Tyler (North Pole), Alfred French (Westferry Road), George Hutton (Malabar Street), Harold Kemp (Maria Street). Fourth row: Daniel Lakey (Mellish Street), William Rutter (Tooke Street), John Byrne (Mellish Street), Robert Gaskin (Mellish Street), Alfred Cane (Manilla St); , - , Frank Nugent (Mellish Street). Front row: Ronald Nugent (Mellish St); Alfred Commons (Havannah Street), - Archibold, Jack Gilette (Strafford Street), William (or Victor) Kay (Cheval Street), Geoff Chandler , Ken Kneeshaw, Harry Waterman (Cuba Street), George Ogles (Tobago Street, Albert Shekyls (Tooke Street). NB: Information was given separately by Alf French and Bill Dyer. Most of their memories coincided, but In some cases, they had different memories of where each boy lived. This may be because families moved around, or it may be simply wrong memories. From A. French