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Digital Gallery Images

The Gallery includes images of the borough's streets and buildings and portraits of people and communities. The Digital Gallery images are displayed as thumbnails. Full size images can be viewed by clicking on a thumbnail.

How do I obtain a copy of an image?

Photographic copies can be obtained from Tower Hamlets Local Studies and Archives (there is a charge for this service) or a maximum of 5 digital copies can be emailed to you. If you would like to use the images for publication or display please contact us at


Hawkins & Tipson East Ferry Road

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Island History Trust Image Collection


Aggie - , Dolly Dowling and behind them, Lill Brown at Hawkins & Tipson, Globe Works, East Ferry Road, Isle of Dogs, in 1954. They are sitting on the steps leading to the House Machine shop; as well as working on these machines, which formed the spin fibres into various sizes of small rope, women at the factory also worked on the spinning machines, where the raw fibres of Manilla and Sisal were made into threads and wound on bobbins. Men did spinning too, and also worked as reelers, and in the Rope Ground, operating the Traveller Machines which twisted out the very thick ropes, for which the firm was world famous. The hours worked were 8am until 5 or 6 o'clock at night, Saturdays, 8 - 12. Men sometimes worked a night shift to complete rush orders. Donated by Daisy Woodard