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The Gallery includes images of the borough's streets and buildings and portraits of people and communities. The Digital Gallery images are displayed as thumbnails. Full size images can be viewed by clicking on a thumbnail.

How do I obtain a copy of an image?

Photographic copies can be obtained from Tower Hamlets Local Studies and Archives (there is a charge for this service) or a maximum of 5 digital copies can be emailed to you. If you would like to use the images for publication or display please contact us at


Great Yarmouth 1920s

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Island History Trust Image Collection


Tammy Jarvis, Alf Howes, Billy Pettit, and Ben Jarvis of Millwall, on holiday at Tammy’s uncle’s guest house in Yarmoth, in the 1920s. Tammy Jarvis was a flyweight boxer bred and born on Millwall in Westferry Road; he worked as a boiler maker at Hodges, a local firm. His real name was Ernie. In 1927 he went to Toronto and lost a fight with Albert (Frenchie ) Belanger, National Boxing Association Flyweight Champion of the World, over 10 rounds. In October 1929, he fought Frankie Genaro in London - this was the man who had beaten Belanger in 1928 - losing over 15 rounds. Tammy never made it to world champ but this did not spoil his local fame. He had an open touring car, and when he came back to Millwall after a fight, he would be driven around the streets, playing his ukelele. He married a girl called Lovejoy, from Crisp Street, Poplar. After his trip to Canada he set his mother and father up in a greengrocer’s shop on Millwall - the same shop which later belonged to the Peterkens. He died in the 1960s and was buried in Bromley cemetery, close to the main gates; his funeral was attended by many well known boxers and managers, as well as many Millwallers.