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Idea Store Online Magazine Service

View full digital copies of your favourite magazines with Idea Store and Zinio! 

You see the exact same material you get in print‚ plus some issues include features like video, audio and live links. As the magazine issues are not loaned out, they are always available at any time. Read online or download issues to your computer or mobile device. 
You must have a current Idea Store library card to use this service.

You can:
• Print: some magazines allow printing of a single or multiple pages.
• View: single or double pages; slide or flip to next page.
• Share: send to email, Facebook and more.
• Search: text of magazine including adverts.
• Size: set default viewing size

How many magazine titles are available?
Idea Store subscribes to over 200 exciting magazine titles, for a range of interests.
A selection of popular magazines from around the world are also available with the Idea Store Online Newspaper Service.

What do I need to access the online magazine service?
• Online magazines from Idea Store require the creation of an account on the Idea Store Zinio site.
• An Idea Store library card number.
• A computer or a mobile device with the Zinio app installed.
• An email address. 
Please note: eBook Readers without a browser are not compatible.

Getting Started
Create an account at the Idea Store Zinio site, and select, download and read your magazines.

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