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Photography Courses

The photography course trilogy is set up to give you a great experience and foundation in photography. The trilogy covers the following programmes: 'Get to Know your Digital Camera', 'Basic Digital Photography' and 'Intermediate Digital Photography'. The courses are designed to progress your learning and understanding of photography in three easy steps. The first course in the series 'Get to Know your Digital Camera', is about the camera and setting it up, using the menus and function buttons etc. The second course 'Basic Digital Photography' covers the basics of photography, the final course 'Intermediate Digital Photography' will add advanced aspects and include the use of flash and Raw image capture.

Get to Know your Digital Camera
How do you get to know your Digital camera when the manual is confusing and you have no one to show you how to use it or what settings are appropriate to your kind of photography. Our 'Get to Know your Digital Camera' course has been designed for you to learn all about your Digital camera. You will learn how to set up the camera, how to use your camera settings, explore the different camera modes and understand the different menu functions within your camera. It has been designed a practical hands on course This course will help you to understand modern digital cameras. This course is held at a variety of Idea Stores.

Basic Digital Photography
The ‘Basic Digital Photography’ course runs for five weeks [weekends] or 10 weeks [week nights]. It has been designed around you making images and exploring those images in learning how to use your digital camera. It is advisable for you to have a Digital SLR camera, however as long as your camera has manual modes, you will be able to attend and benefit from the course. On this course you will learn how to use your cameras: aperture, shutter and ISO controls and your histograms to achieve well exposed images. You will also explore how the choice of lens focal length affects the images that you make. The 'Basic Digital Photography' course is offered in a variety of Idea Stores.

Intermediate Digital Photography
The 'Intermediate Digital Photography' course progresses on from our 'Basic Digital Photography' course. Within this course, you will learn how to use your on camera flash, work in different lighting situations, make images with studio lighting and explore photographic composition. You will also be introduced to raw image capture and workflow to get higher quality digital image files. The 'Intermediate Digital Photography' courses run on a Wednesday evening or Saturday morning at the Shadwell Centre.

Photoshop® for Photographers
The Photoshop for Photographers course has been designed from a photographers perspective to enable you to learn how to use Photoshop as your digital 'Darkroom' when making your images.
This course will enable you learn to develop your digital workflow within Adobe Photoshop®. You will be able to produce high quality prints from your digital images. On this course you will learn how to edit, colour correct and apply layers to create both local and overall changes to your images. The course will get you to consider how you can incorporate Photoshop® into your photographic vision discussing how you want your images to look and allowing you to recreate that look, if possible, within Photoshop®. The 'Photoshop for Photographers' course is held at the Shadwell Centre, on a Saturday.

Street Photography
Our 'Street Photography' course has been designed to get you out into the streets in the East End of London making images. For five weeks you will practice the art of street photography, where you will learn the basics of making images on the move. You get to practice these basics in the real world of East London with the support of a photography tutor. You will learn about Zone Focusing, Sunny 16 rule and be able to apply this to other situations. On this course, you will learn camera handling and masking techniques used by street photographers for making images in public situations giving you increased confidence and speed in using your camera. You will also learn about the ethics and legalities of images making in public spaces. This course is only held in the autumn and summer terms, at a variety of Idea Stores.

Urban Photography at Canary Wharf
This course, 'Urban Photography at Canary Wharf' has been designed so that you can explore Canary Wharf as a photographer, with the guidance of experienced tutors, who understand how to create images of buildings, architectural spaces and interpret urban areas.  You will cover the legal and ethical issues involved with photographing in the urban environments, including your rights as a photographer. You will explore images by the masters of the urban and architectural photography helping you to develop the ability to see a good photograph. This course is held at the Idea Store Canary Wharf in the autumn and summer terms only.

Digital Film Making With Your DSLR Camera
In our 'Digital Film Making With Your DSLR Camera' course you will learn how to use your DSLR camera to make videos. You will develop the ideas that allow you to create video with narrative structure and explore storytelling ideas embedded into them. You will learn to use microphones and recorders, DSLR cameras and lenses (zoom versus fixed focal lengths) in relation to video production. You will develop an understanding of the recording formats and relevant ratios required for video production and explore a variety of different video accessories required to make videos with your DSLR camera. It is essential that you have your own DSLR Camera. This course will be held at the Shadwell Centre.

Black and White Darkroom Techniques
We have a traditional black and white darkroom at The Shadwell Centre where we teach our 'Black and White Darkroom' course.  On this course you will learn how to develop and proof your own black-and-white films. You will understand how to use safely the chemistry involved in the darkroom processes.  At the end of the course you will be able to print your own black-and-white images from your own negatives, and understand how to see contrast within your images and have the knowledge of how to adjust your printing techniques to your images. This course is held on either a Tuesday night at the Shadwell Centre.

Studio & Portrait Photography
In the 'Studio & Portrait Photography' course you will learn how to use studio lighting to make a range of images with the emphasis on the art of portrait photography. You will begin with learning the basics of still life images and then translate that knowledge into making dynamic and interesting portraits using studio photographic techniques. This course is taught by a professional studio photographer, who has extensive experience using studio lighting equipment. The course is held on a Thursday evening  at the Shadwell Centre's.

Develop a Photo Project
Have you ever wanted to develop a photo project but didn’t know how? Our course in 'Develop a Photo Project' will guide you through the steps involved in creating a photo project, from planning to completion. The tutor will give you guidance in project planning for photographic purposes, equipment selection and ethical considerations. The course will cover practical aspects such as image editing, production, exhibiting and publishing your work to raise your projects profile. This course is new and has been designed to facilitate you in thinking about achieving your project. It will   give you a space which will allow you to have an open dialogue about image ideas and project concepts with feedback from both fellow students and your photographic tutor. This course is held on Monday night at the Shadwell Centre.

Wedding Photography
The 'Wedding Photography' course has been designed to introduce you to all aspects of wedding photography from websites to shoot lists. Have you ever considered working as a wedding photographer, if so then you need to learn some specialist techniques that will enable you to create a complete wedding package for potential clients and/or family and friends? This course will cover promoting your wedding business and developing wedding photographic skills. At the end of the course you will have the skills and knowledge to create your own wedding photography business with a plan that you have devised while attending the course in consultation with your fellow students and photographic tutor. The course is held on Tuesday night at the Shadwell Centre.

Photography Workshops

We offer two new photography workshops

•    Studio Photography Workshop - Tuesday evening Shadwell Centre

•    Black and White Darkroom Workshop - Saturday afternoon Shadwell Centre

The aim of the workshops are for you to further your work and raise your profile within the photographic industry, either through producing work for exhibition or competition or for employment potential as self – employed photographers

You will develop your existing knowledge and skills through full access to a wide range of specialist equipment together with professional support from a member of staff.

Whist we will provide basic material, you will be expected to provide your own specialist materials.

You should have the necessary ambition and drive to self-direct your own study and active in rising your own profile within the photographic industries.

If you wish to enrol on a workshop you must have completed at least 20 hours learning on one of our intermediate or improvers courses, within the last three years or hold an equivalent level of knowledge and skills.

To join the workshops you may be directed to have a short interview with a manager to assess your skills and knowledge.