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Learning to Use Exercise to Stay Healthy and Fit

If you want to stay healthy and fit through exercise, then we have lots of classes for you
ranging from Yoga, Pilates and Zumba®. You could also choose from Boxercise, Cardioblast and Exercise for Healthy Backs. 

Classes are tailored to meet your needs, grouped by ability and available for those with particular needs, including some single sex classes. We also offer swimming classes for parents and children.

Some of our courses are:
• Circuit Training with Weights
• Legs, Bums and Tums
• Pilates
• Self Defence
• Tai Chi
• Yoga

Health & Wellbeing

Learn about Therapy and Health

Discover how to improve your sense of wellbeing and reduce stress through a range of introductory therapy courses including massage, aromatherapy and reflexology.

A selection of courses are:
- Learn Basic Massage Routines
- Learn Indian Head Massage
- Learn Basic Beauty Techniques
- Introduction to Aromatherapy
- Introduction to Life Coaching
- Reiki Level 1and Reiki Level 2
- Welcome to Shiatsu Massage

We also offer short courses and weekend workshops in improving general wellbeing, including Reiki, Life Coaching, Self-Esteem Enhancement, Stress Relief through Mindfulness and Creative Thinking. 

Dancing is also a great way to get fit, so if you want to try something different in addition to your fitness class, check out the Performing Arts section of the Course Guide.

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