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Fitness, Health & Wellbeing - Course Outlines

Download fitness, health and wellbeing course outlines from here. Stay healthy through exercise with classes including aerobics, pilates, yoga and circuit training or learn to relax and de-stress with courses and workshops including aromatherapy, mindfulness and Reiki

Belly Dancing for Fitness

Body Conditioning for Women

Body Strengthening

Chair-based Yoga

Circuit Training with Weights

Get Fit with Kung Fu

Get Started in Tai Chi

Indian Head Massage -Beginners

Introduction to Aromatherapy

Introduction to 5 Element Shiatsu Massage

Introduction to Life Coaching

Introduction to Massage

Introduction to Mindfulness

Legs, Bums, Tums for Women

Life Coaching - Beginners

Lunchtime Yoga

Mental Health First Aid

Mindfulness Meditation

Mother and Baby Swimming 3 months – 23 months – Beginners

Mother and Child Swimming 2 - 4 years – Beginners

Parent and Baby Swimming 3 months – 23 months – Beginners

Parent and Child Swimming 2 - 4 years - Beginners

Pilates-based Circuit Training

Pilates Body Conditioning – Beginners

Pilates Body Conditioning – Intermediate

Pilates Exercise for Women – Beginners

Public Speaking Taster

Reiki Level 1

Reiki Level 2

Reiki Level 3

Stress Relief Through Mindfulness

Tai Chi [Yang Style] with Qi Gong – Intermediate

Voice Gym for Public Speaking

Walkie Talkie Part 1

Walkie Talkie Part 2  

Walkie Talkie Part 3

Welcome to Shiatsu Massage

Yoga - Beginners

Yoga - Intermediate

Yoga for Women

Yoga - Pilates Fusion