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Copying Services

Printing and Photocopying Fees and Charges - per page:

Type of Copy                                                  Cost to in-house users                                       

Cost to remote users - excluding postage & packaging

A4 B&W photocopy 10p 20p
A3 B&W photocopy 20p 40p
A4 colour photocopy £1 £2
A3 colour photocopy £2 £4
A4 B&W PC printout 10p N/A
A3 B&W PC printout 20p N/A
A4 colour PC printout 26p N/A
A3 colour PC printout 40p N/A
A4 microfilm printout 35p 70p
A3 microfilm printout 45p 90p

Digitisation - for images up to A4 size only:

Type                          Standard Rate                 Residents' Discount Rate
300dpi and less £5 £2.50
Over 300dpi £10 £5

Burning to CD: £2

Use of personal digital camera:
£5 per day - all self-service photography is subject to signed copyright disclaimer.

Please speak to a member of staff if you require digital photography of our collections which 
are larger than A4.


Local History Library & Archives Reproduction and Hire Charges 

View the Reproduction and Hire Charges document as a PDF