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Run out of books? Read eBooks for free with Idea Store membership on OverDrive.
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Different publishers put their audiobooks on different sites.You have access to all of them with Idea Store.
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eBook and Audiobook FAQs

This sounds great! How do I become an Idea Store member?
Fill out our membership form then you’re ready to go!

How many eBooks and audiobooks can I download at a time?
Overdrive lets you take up to 5 eBooks or audiobooks at a time. RBdigital lets you take up to 10 audiobooks at a time, and Borrow Box lets you take up to 4 audiobooks at a time.

I’ve borrowed an eBook/audiobook. How long can I keep it for?
Downloads are available for 7, 14 or 21 days.

The eBook/audiobook I wanted isn’t listed on any of the sites. Why?
Unfortunately some publishers don’t want their eBooks or audiobooks available to library users (boo, hiss), but there are thousands of available audiobooks, if you have a browse we’re sure you’ll find something good to listen to.

I’ve found the eBook/audiobook I want, why can’t I borrow it now?
The eBook or audiobook you want has already been borrowed by someone else. Don’t worry though, you can reserve it, or place a hold, and when it becomes available you’ll be able to check it out.

Don’t see the answer to your question here?
Check out the OverDrive page for eBook and audiobook help, the Borrowbox video for audiobook help, and the  RBDigital and Ulverscroft pages for audiobook help, or send us an email to