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The Gallery includes images of the borough's streets and buildings and portraits of people and communities. The Digital Gallery images are displayed as thumbnails. Full size images can be viewed by clicking on a thumbnail.

How do I obtain a copy of an image?

Photographic copies can be obtained from Tower Hamlets Local Studies and Archives (there is a charge for this service) or a maximum of 5 digital copies can be emailed to you. If you would like to use the images for publication or display please contact us at

St. Luke's School 1930


St. Luke's School 1930

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Island History Trust Image Collection


Class 111, St. Luke's School, Wesferry Road Londan E14, 1930, when the headmaster was Mr Stocker and the teacher of this class was Mr Freeman. Backrow L-R: Mr Freeman, Jimmy Eastick, Jenkins, -, Perkins, -, Donovan, -, Harris, -. Third row: -, Kinchin, Miller, Bobby Kneeshaw, Bobby Beechner, -, Lapwood, Bobby Hallams, -. Second Row: Squires, -, Gilbertson, Laxton, Bennett, -, Scoffer, -, Lovett. First row: Durling,-,-,Whybrow,-, Alec Phillips behind -, -, Waterman, Allen behind Bobby Stapleton. George Thurgar and Charles Corroyer had been in this class but by Easter 1930 they had moved to the Hamlet of Radcliffe School, having won scholarships. Jimmy Eastwick died in his early teens. Alec Phillips became an appentice Lighterman. He was working on barge at Marklane Buoys in Millwall Dock uncovering the hold, when a gust of wind caught the tarpaulin and knocked him into the water, covering him, and he drowned. He was 16 years old.