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History of the Docklands

History of Docklands

1 - 29 February 2024
at Idea Store Canary Wharf


Exhibition: Evolution of the Isle of Dogs

Thursday 1 - Thursday 29 February

An exhibition of Local History archive images. 

Explore the transformation of the Isle of Dogs, its development, its forgotten places and historic buildings, see how people lived in the past.

The exhibition of Local History Archive images rediscovers
everyday life, celebrations, street images from past decades and development milestones of the Isle of Dogs.


Talk: From Marshlands to Manhattan-on-Thames

Saturday 10 February, 2.00 -3.30pm

Until 1802, the Isle of Dogs was a windswept marshy
pastureland inhabited by a few hundred agricultural workers and their livestock.

Join Con Maloney from the Friends of Island History Trust as he describes the major events that transformed and shaped the modern-day Island.


half term activity

Children's Activity: Build a Bridge

Monday 12 February, 3 - 4pm

Ever wondered why East London has no bridges across the Thames? Discover the answer why and help craft your very own Thames crossing with us!

Join us for a thrilling afternoon of crafting using recycled materials, unleashing your creativity!


half term activity

Children's Activity: Create a Collage

Thursday 15 February, 3 - 4pm

Join us at the Idea Store Canary Wharf for an eye-opening journey into Docklands' history and its incredible transformations!

Make a collage! Draw, colour and glue things that bring you joy and remind you of home!