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Fitness, Health & Wellbeing

We have a range of fitness and health courses, both face-to-face and online.  Face-to-face courses take place at Shadwell Centre and Idea Store Whitechapel, while online courses are offered via Zoom..
Courses starting in April 2022:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Legs, Bums, Tums
  • Tai Chi
  • Introduction to Public Speaking - Beginner
  • Introduction to 5 Element Shiatsu Massage - Beginners
  • Introduction to Massage - Beginners
  • Introduction to Reflexology
  • Assertiveness Training, E-Learning
  •  Tour Guiding in Tower Hamlets: Workshop Techniques - Improvers
  • Mental Health First Aid level 1 (Enrolments close on 26th May 2022)

Due to Covid-19, you might prefer to bring your own mat to class, plus something suitable to support your neck and head (e.g. towel or blanket). 

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Exercise to Stay Healthy and Fit

If you want to stay healthy and fit through exercise, then we have lots of classes for you.

Classes are planned to meet your needs, grouped on ability, including some single sex classes. 

Health Declaration 

If you have a health condition, please read the Course Outline before enrolling to make sure that the course is suitable for you. It is important that you inform your tutor of any health condition at the first class. For some conditions, your tutor may need you to provide evidence that you are fit to take part in the class or suggest an alternative, more suitable option.

Health and Safety requirements demand that all those taking part in fitness classes must complete the warm-up and everyone taking part in health classes must be present for instructions on safe working practices. Anyone who is late and misses the first part of the session will be refused entry.

Level of Classes

Fitness Classes
Fitness classes are offered at beginner, intermediate or all levels. Even if you exercise on a regular basis, you may wish to attend a beginner level course if you are new to the style of class.

This level is suitable for beginners or those with little experience. Classes at this level will help you develop the correct exercise technique. This level is also ideal for those who have not exercised in that style for a long time and wish to refresh their skills.

This level is for people with good knowledge of the exercise style who want to improve their skills and their fitness level further. These classes will require a greater awareness of the class vocabulary than the beginner level courses.

All Levels
'All Level’ courses are open to all and tutors will offer a range of exercises to enable everyone to take part fully based on their experience and ability.

Health & Wellbeing

Learn about Therapy and Health

Find out how to improve your sense of wellbeing and reduce stress through a range of beginner therapy courses. We also offer short courses in improving general wellbeing.

Learn about Therapy and Health

Health Courses
Many health courses are at beginner level. These are short courses and are a good introduction to the topic; no previous experience is needed at this level. Tutors will let you know about further courses, or other ways to progress at the end of the course.

Health Courses Levels
The majority of health courses are offered at beginner level. These are short courses and are a good introduction to the topic; no prior experience is needed at this level. Tutors can advise learners of further courses or progression routes for those who are interested.

Please note that the above descriptions are provided for indicative purpose only as these may vary depending on personal circumstances. If in doubt please contact a member of the Health and Fitness Team and/or relevant tutor for advice on