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Health and Fitness Learner Success Stories

Keith Turpin
Tour Guiding in Tower Hamlets

keith turpin headshot
The course was professionally led and provided me with a thorough grounding in the principles and practice of guiding, both specifically in Tower Hamlets and generally for London or other urban environments.

I learned techniques for researching, compiling and delivering guided walks; for managing and directing groups safely with particular reference to traffic, physical hazards and awareness of selected routes, as well as voice projection, audience engagement and entertainment.

I benefited from this foundation in going on to complete the Camden Tour Guide Association qualification and have used all these skills frequently, working as a part time guide in a number of London locations on both a paid and voluntary basis.


Stephen Walker
Tai Chi Intermediate
stephen walker headshot

I wanted to keep fit and meet people so I joined Get Started in Tai Chi a year ago.  I didn’t realise it would be as good as it was.  At the end of each lesson I walk home relaxed and de-stressed.  I have mastered 8 form and I’m now working on 24 form in the Intermediate class.

The tutor is excellent!  He corrects my posture and includes a variety of movement so I am always interested and looking forward to the next lesson.

As I am getting older I find Tai Chi helps me both mentally and physically.  I hope to keep it up in my old age.

Harumi Welford
Public Speaking Taster

The course was a great introduction to public speaking -– very informative, interactive and full of actions! I have learned nor only the basic technique of public speaking, but also the importance of relaxation, use of breath and how the posture influences your voice.

I would like further improve my skills in public speaking and strengthen my voice so I am thinking about enrolling onto another public speaking course in the near future.
I would definitely recommend this course to people who would like to improve their skills and confidence in public speaking – the class was fun and was great to be taught by a professional actor!


Elizabeta Hart
Reiki Level 1
Elizabeth Hart headshot

I decided to enrol on Reiki Level 1 as I am a nurse and wanted to learn something new. The other reason was to help my little boy who has health problems and from my research I felt that Reiki would be helpful to use with him.

On the course I learned to meditate which I have never done before. I learned to heal myself and others. All in all my life has become more tranquil and relaxed.

Each week I looked forward to every class with my tutor as every lesson we learned something new. I cannot really say what I enjoyed the most as Reiki is just wonderful in many ways both for healing others or healing ourselves.

My plans are to progress onto Reiki level 2 and go further. I would like to thank my tutor for the amazing experience and opportunity she gave me learning Reiki.