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Level of Classes


This level is suitable for complete beginners and those who have had really little dance experience. Classes at this level will focus on enjoyment and learning the essential foundations of the technique. This level is also ideal for those who have not danced for a long time and they are refreshing their skills.

All Levels

You must have had some experience in dance at least at beginners’ level. This level is aimed at people with various level of knowledge of dance, who wants to improve, develop and share their skills. All students are expected to be dedicated and attend regularly.


This level is aimed at people with good knowledge of the technique, who wants to improve and develop their skills. The classes will require a greater movement vocabulary than beginners’ courses and will move at a faster pace.  


This level is for those who have had extensive experience in the technique and dance style of the course. The class will demand a strong standard of technique and a high level of fitness. Participants should expect challenging material with a focus on developing performance qualities.

Please note the above are provided for indicative purpose only as these may vary depending on personal circumstances. If in doubt please contact a member of the performing arts team and or relevant tutor for advice on