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We welcome hundreds of children and young people to our site every year through planned school visits. We deliver sessions on the following topics and continue to develop more sessions every year, linked to the curriculum and always guided by the teacher’s brief. 

All our sessions include an introduction to our service and how to handle delicate historic materials safely. If you are a teacher who would like to bring a class, or suggest a new session that you feel would meet the needs of Tower Hamlets schools or your class, please get in touch. 

Onsite sessions use some original material so that students can connect directly with primary sources. Offsite sessions will use copies from collections. Some examples of sessions that we offer:

My Local Area: Then & Now (KS1 History): Students will identify some major changes to the local area and establish a specific local history timeline as a reference point. These sessions are bespoke to each school which can include investigating historic streets and buildings that surround your school and how they’ve changed. Where the collection allows, this may include the history of your school!

The East End during the Second World War (KS2 History): This popular session allows students to explore East End experiences in the Second World War. The session supports curriculum topics such as children’s experiences in World War Two, bomb damage in the East End. There are special topics with local relevance such as the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster, the largest loss of civilian life during the war.

A Christmas Carol: Victorian East London (KS3 English Literature): This is an opportunity for students to draw on our unique collections to give historical context to this classic literary text. Students will use maps, images and newspapers to explore working class conditions, poor relief and industrialisation in the Victorian East End.

Crime and Punishment in Whitechapel (GCSE History):

This is an opportunity for students to stand out in their GCSE exams. This session explores 'Crime and Punishment in Whitechapel' with unique historical materials only accessible through the local history library.
Students will use the Charles Booth poverty maps, reports on poor relief, workhouse registers as well as our popular library collections on migration to the East End.  

Please note, we require at least two months’ notice if you would like to book us to deliver a workshop. 

If you would like to engage with Tower Hamlets history please contact us