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Newspapers and Magazines

Stay informed with newspapers and magazines


Missing your daily paper over breakfast? Don’t worry, with Idea Store membership, you can still get hold of your newspaper online.  We’ve got 2,000 titles in 60 languages to choose from. So get the kettle on, download your favourite paper and enjoy.

All our magazines are available through Press Reader

Click the link or download the PressReader app

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•    Login with your Idea Store membership number and PIN after choosing Tower Hamlets Libraries from the library list drop-down menu, download and keep the newspapers you have chosen


Use your Idea Store membership to get a magazine directly onto your device.


If you are missing your favourite restaurant or want some ideas on how to use up those ingredients in your cupboards, we can help! Put the beans on toast away and download Good Food, Easy Cook and Baking Heaven to wake your taste up buds! 

tv magazines

Planning your TV is a serious business these days. You can download The Radio Times, Whats On TV or TV & Satellite week completely free so you don’t miss out on your favourite shows.

home style magazines

Or if you are fed up of screen time and want to spend your lockdown time doing some home improvements, you can see full online copies of magazines like Beautiful home, Gardeners world and Ideal home for some indoor and outdoor project inspiration.


It’s really simple to get hold of your favourite magazines online. All our magazines are available through RB Digital

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Click the link and sign in or download the RB digital app

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If you need any help to get online with Idea Store you can drop us an email at and a member of our team will get in touch to help get you started.