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Recordkeeping advice during the COVID-19 pandemic

We offer heritage support for local businesses and other organisations affected by lockdown and the ongoing pandemic.

Are you a local business, charity or sole trader based in Tower Hamlets or with a strong connection to the borough? Do you need advice on managing your historic records, or transferring your historic records elsewhere if your organisation changes or closes? We can help.


Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives is managed by Tower Hamlets Council. We are responsible for collecting, preserving and promoting the diverse heritage of the east end of London.

We want to ensure that our collections are representative of the lives and communities of the borough. By working together we can help document our society by preserving our shared heritage to benefit current and future generations. From sole traders to hairdressers, local charities to large restaurants, we are interested in hearing from all organisations, large and small, which contribute to life in Tower Hamlets.



Archives are records kept for long-term preservation because they contain historical evidence. Subject to data protection laws, these records are made available to the public in perpetuity for the purposes of research.

They can be hardcopy, such as letters, building plans, or photographs; or they can be digital, such as Excel spreadsheets, digital photographs, or Word documents.



We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has created unprecedented problems for local organisations. You may be using this time as an opportunity for reflection and administrative catch-up; you may be faced with the prospect of major changes to your work; you may even be threatened with permanent closure.

If the current crisis has caused you to identify records at risk of destruction, or records which could be preserved to reflect the history of our borough, we would like to hear from you. We can sign post you to professional guidance to support you during this crisis, from identifying actions to help you manage your records, to the potential transfer of historical material to an archive repository including our service.



Please email us on outlining your organisation, charity or business; the problems you are facing; and the support you may require. If you have immediate concerns about your records we would be pleased to identify priorities and ways forward.