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Fed up with self-isolating?

Meet others at one of our new online sessions. All of our sessions are run using Zoom, so download the app on your phone, tablet or computer and join in!

Are you over 60 and want to chat with other people your age? Then join our weekly Prime Time session every Thursday, 11am - 12noon.

Email before 10am on Thursday morning and we will send you a Zoom invitation


Is English your second language and you want to practise speaking it with others? Then join our weekly Conversation Club every Wednesday, 11am-12noon.

Email before 10am on Wednesday morning and we will send you a Zoom invitation


Would you like to share stories and poetry to lift the mood? Possibly take a turn of reading out loud? Join our weekly Book Break group every Tuesday from 3 - 4pm.

This group is now full. We are working to set up another group. If you would like to be put on the waiting list please email and we will contact you as soon as we have more information.

Talk about what you’re reading and make friends with other readers. We have two online books groups and you’re welcome to join either – or both


The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal
Thursday 13 August 6:30pm

The Doll Factory has won the Caledonia Novel Award for its young writer Elizabeth MacNeal and the TV rights have been snapped up. Who could resist a story of “art, obsession and possession” beginning in London in 1850 as the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park is being prepared, and offering an agreeable mixture of glamour and squalor? The cast-list is headed by a (slightly) disabled girl, who works alongside her pock-marked sister in the doll factory of the title while nursing an ambition to be a real painter, plus a malignant taxidermist, a resourceful street urchin with a single yellow fang in his mouth and the supporting cast includes members of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.

  FREE eBook and audiobook copies available

The Chronicles of Clovis by Saki
Wednesday 19 August, 6:15pm

Renowned for his witty dialogue and macabre humour, Saki skewered the pretensions and follies of the Edwardian age. This 1911 collection of well-plotted, acerbic short stories showcases his mastery of comic repartee. The tales recount the escapades of an irreverent socialite, Clovis Sangrail, a forerunner to the aristocratic Bertie Wooster of Jeeves fame. Saki's satires remain remarkably contemporary, offering paradoxical combinations of good-natured irony and cheerful cruelty.

  Free ebook copies available

Email before 1pm on the day of the meeting to join the group and we will send you a Zoom invitation


While we’re closed, the usual Community Navigator health advice sessions in Idea Stores are moving online to give one to one support. Community Navigators can help with:

•    Advice on keeping safe and healthy
•    Information about how the Council can help you
•    Information about other services and groups that can give support, including foodbanks, voluntary groups, financial advice services

They are also able to give extra support to vulnerable or isolated residents, for example making phone calls or emailing on their behalf.

If you would like to contact a Community Navigator email: