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Stories in Motion

stories in motion

Over this pandemic we had to find ways to keep active and happy. Everything from settling down to get lost in our favourite book or dancing round the kitchen to our favourite tunes.  At Idea Store we wanted to bring these things together in a special film to celebrate our love of reading and moving and we have created something that we can look back on to remember the brighter moments from these difficult times. 
Our dance tutor Annarita created a short dance routine inspired by actions we might do while reading and or holding a book, which participants copied, or used as inspiration for their own clip.
Enjoy the video of the final film below.


If you like our video and fancy showing off some of your moves with us, post your clip on your Instagram using the #storiesinmotion2021  and send us your clip via wetransfer to  (please note that by sending us your clip you are agreeing for us to use it and share it online). If we receive enough entries we will produce more clips collections.

If you decide to take part remember you could be in a chair, on your feet, alone or with your household, just use your imagination and have fun! All we ask is that it is book related and no longer than 30 seconds. You might want to use a book as a prop or use your favourite book as a theme for your dance. Feel free to also use the below instruction video for inspiration:





If you have any more questions about taking part please email