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Winter Reading Challenge

Starting 27 November Winter Reading Challenge

Join The Winter Reading Challenge 2021

If you love curling up on the sofa with good book during winter, you will love our winter challenge!

All you need to do is read 4 (or more if you want) books this winter and you will receive a beautiful Winter Reading Challenge certificate in your name instantly. It's that easy!

If you are extra patient and want your certificate handed to you by Santa himself then please ask a member of staff at your local Idea Store or library to check the date and time that Santa is visiting the store and you can pick it up from him.

Enjoy the challenge and have a great festive read! 


Christmas Art Club Activities

Saturday 27 November 3 - 4pm 

Idea Store Chrisp Street
Save Our Planet 
Last chance to join our campaign and create a Save our Planet poster!  

Idea Store Whitechapel 
Making Christmas Finger Puppets 
Create puppet characters with personality. 

Bethnal Green Library 
Paper Chains and Christmas Cards
Winter Reading Challenge begins! Join us in decorating the Library. Help us make a huge paper chain to fill the whole hallway of the Library.  

Idea Store Bow
Make your own Christmas Cards 
Winter Reading Challenge is back! Come along and join yourself up and you can also create your very own Christmas cards for your loved ones! 

Cubitt Town 
Make your own Christmas Cards!  
Come and create your own personal Christmas cards for your friends and family. 

Idea Store Canary Wharf 
Design a Christmas Card 
Get creative and design your own Christmas cards to give out to family, friends or favourite teachers. 

Saturday 4 December 3 - 4pm 

Idea Store Chrisp Street
Holiday Arts and Crafts
Have fun making tinsel for your very own Christmas tree!  

Idea Store Whitechapel
Decorate your Own Christmas Tree Ornaments
Spruce up your Christmas tree with your own brightly decorated wooden ornaments. 

Idea Store Bow 
Snowflakes and Stars
Bring winter magic into your homes. Come along and create your own snowflakes and stars! 

Idea Store Canary Wharf 
Oh no, it's snowing! 
Create a snowflake to add to our tree at the front of the store! 

Bethnal Green Library 
Salt Dough Christmas Baubles 
Create your own baubles that you can hang on your tree at home. 

Cubitt Town
Exciting Christmas Decorations!  
How sparkly will your decorations be? Take them home to hang on your tree.

Saturday 11 December 3 - 4pm 

Idea Store Chrisp Street 
Christmas Baubles
Design your own beautiful baubles to hang on your tree.  

Idea Store Whitechapel
Christmas Card Making
Make and decorate a card for someone special.

Idea Store Bow 
Party Hats

Come along and create your very own party hat! 

Idea Store Canary Wharf 
Letter to Santa 
It’s nearly Christmas, make sure Santa gets your letter on time! 

Bethnal Green Library
Christmas Wreaths 
Get into the spirit of Christmas and make a bay wreath with fresh materials. Torn paper wreaths for younger children. Pre booking required.

Cubitt Town
Create a Christmas Mobile!

How big is your Christmas tree? Decorate a Christmas mobile and hang it on the sparkly twigs! 

Saturday 18 December 3 - 4pm 

Idea Store Chrisp Street
Christmas Cards
Create a personalised Christmas card for your family, teacher or friends.  

Idea Store Canary Wharf
Make a Paper Chain!
Decorate a paper chain which we’ll connect to make one massive paper chain to decorate the store!

Idea Store Whitechapel
Make your own Christmas Stockings
Make and personalise your own stocking to hang up this Christmas.

Idea Store Bow
Paper Plate Santa

With just a few days to go until the big day, come along and make a fun and adorable paper plate Santa. 

Bethnal Green Library
Rudolf’s About!
Make a springy reindeer, so many Rudolfs ho ho ho! 

Cubitt Town
Design a Christmas Collage!
What would you have in your perfect winter landscape, trees, sledging or a gingerbread house? Make your own picture with cut out and coloured images, glitter and beads. 

Tuesday 21 December 3:30 - 4:30pm 

Bethnal Green Library
Christmas Party

Collect your Winter Reading Challenge Certificate from Santa at our Christmas party.