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Writeidea Short Story Prize 2017

The Writeidea Short Story Prize is a competition is aimed at writers who have never been published before. Stories must be a maximum of 3,000 words (no minimum).

Writeidea Short Story Prize Winner 2017

Copper by Nichola Stafford [read PDF]

Runners Up:

Sometimes I Run [read PDF]

The Flood [read PDF]

Colours in a Grey Landscape [read PDF]

The House In Stepney Green [read PDF]

Writeidea Teen Short Story Prize Winner 2017

It All Turned to Dust by Tara Baaj [read PDF]

Runners Up:

No Title by Maximus McCabe [read PDF]

Auschwitz Account by Alex Pagendam [read PDF]

The Black Renault Clio and the Double-Decker Bus by Georgie Estall [read PDF]

The Wailing Gates by Harvey Samuel Walton [read PDF]

Writeidea ESOL Short Story Prizes

Pre Entry - Entry 1 ESOL Winner
Heroes by Fateya Alam Choudhury Jinuk [read PDF]

Entry 2 - Entry 3 ESOL Winner
Heroes by Jun Li [read PDF]

Level 1 - Level 2 ESOL Winner
Heroes by Jimmy Mendez [read PDF]