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Copying and Reproduction Services

Bring your camera and take photographs of items in our collections. Buy a self-service photography permit on your visit.

Use of personal digital camera:

£6 per day - for personal or research use only. All self-service photography is subject to signed copyright disclaimer.

You can also order printouts and photocopies. Copying is subject to copyright and our regulations.
For personal photocopying, please visit your local Idea Store or library

All charges include VAT at 20% unless otherwise stated.

Digitisation Fees and Charges - per image up to A4 size only:

  • 300 dpi or less: £5.25

Residents' discount rate £2.60

  • Over 300dpi: £10.50

Residents' discount rate £5.25

Burning to CD: £2.50

Urgent orders are subject to staff availability:
Add £150 on top of existing fees for first two images, then £100 per additional image. Both exclusive of VAT.

Contact us for digital photography of items in our collections which are larger than A4 in size.

Printing and Photocopying Fees and Charges - per page for in-house onsite users:

A4 black and white photocopy: 15p

A3 black and white photocopy: 30p

A4 colour photocopy: £1.20

A3 colour photocopy: £2.10

A4 black and white PC printout: 15p

A3 black and white PC printout: N/A

A4 colour PC printout: 35p

A3 colour PC printout: N/A

A4 microfilm printout: 75p

A3 microfilm printout: £1.10p

Black and white access copies at 300dpi resolution are available to people whose disability prevents access to collections in person:

  • Up to 10 copies are free
  • 1 or more copies are 15p per copy

Reproduction Fees and Charges: per image in publications and screenings

Film/TV, UK only screening or broadcast, not inclusive of online streaming:

Licence for 5 years: £100
Licence for 10 years: £120
License in perpetuity: £150
Residents' discount rate at 50%

Film/TV/Online streaming video, worldwide:

Licence for 5 years: £180
Licence for 10 years: £200
License in perpetuity: £250
Residents' discount rate at 50%

Websites, including free-to-view web-only films, free-to-download smartphone apps, student projects, non-profit [charity community/personal] websites or apps


Residents' discount rate £12.50

Exhibition/ non-commercial public display


Residents' discount rate £26

Commercial usage - Business websites, commercial apps, advertising


Residents' discount rate £175

Commercial usage - Advertising (not online) / art & design products / merchandise/hoardings/interior décor of business premises


Residents' discount rate £50

Print media and e-books, UK


Residents' discount rate £16

Print media and e-books, worldwide


Residents' discount rate £32

Student essay, dissertation, coursework (unpublished and never to be put online)


Discount eligibility

The Residents’ Discount rate for digitisation and reproduction applies to residents of Tower Hamlets and charities and not-for-profit groups based within the borough.

At the discretion of the Archives Manager, a discount on the standard rate not exceeding the Residents’ Discount may be possible for charities, small presses and not-for-profit organisations based outside of the borough.