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Image of 1 Chapel House Street 1950s
1 Chapel House Street 1950s

George Hames, (1900-1988) at the gate and Helen Hames, looking out of the window at their house at No. 1 Chapel House Street, since demolished. George Hames started work as a youth with Locke Lancasters and spent most of his working life with Samuel Cutlers, the gas holder makers in Westferry Road. Helen Hames lost all her family when a landmine fell on their air-raid shelter. She never really recovered from this loss, and died in the 1960s. Both Mr and Mrs Hames were active members and helpers at the Docklands Settlement. by G. Hames

reference: IHT/p0906
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 1 Elizabeth Cottage Westferry Road
1 Elizabeth Cottage Westferry Road
1929, outside No. 1 Elizabeth Cottage, Westferry Road Isle of Dogs, opposite 'The Vulcan' pub. Left to right: Harry Everson aged 16, Alec Everson, his uncle, a rivetter at Westwoods, Johnny Wilson, who became a policeman. Harry's first job was at Jack Barnes the butcher on the corner of Harbinger Road, when he was 14 (he had attended British Street School ). He then worked at Westwoods as a steel erector. Arethusa House (a block of flats) now stands on the site of Elizabeth Cottages. Donated by Mrs Everson

reference: IHT/p1171
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10 Launch Street 1900s
10 Launch Street 1900s
Smith family photographed in 1900 at 10 Launch Street, Poplar. Father: George Besant Smith, steel erector at Westwoods and amateur photographer - he may have taken this photograph himself. Boy: George William Smith (1897-1940), later a steel erector also at Westwoods. Middle girl: Maud Valentine (1894-1954), district nurse, and Edith Lilian Alice Smith, born 1896. The family moved to N0.13 Ship Street, Cubitt Town, in 1908. From P.G. Elliott

reference: IHT/p0354
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10 Maria Street 1930s
10 Maria Street 1930s
1935, No.10 Maria Street, E14: Mum, Mrs Emily Evans (nee Muset) from Poplar. Little boy: Dennis Evans (born 1929). Mrs Evans' daughter-in-law, Rosie (nee Bastain, from Limehouse); her daughter, who was crushed to death by a milk float at the age of about four; and her son, Alan. by J. Evans

reference: IHT/p0535
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 100 Glengall Road
100 Glengall Road
Sophia Ellen Marsh and sister Mill in front of No 100 Glengall Road, home of the Everett and Marsh families. Donated by Mrs J. M. Saunders

reference: IHT/ss195
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 100 Glengall Road 1920s
100 Glengall Road 1920s
Mr and Mrs Everett, of No. 100 Glengall Road, date unknown, c1920s. Mr Everett was a boot-maker; he used to make all the seaman's boots. As they docked, he would take their orders and they would collect the boots the next time they came into the docks. He died of lead poisoning, contracted by putting the nails into his mouth - it was a saying in the trade that the nails went in easier with spittle on them. by Mrs J. M. Saunders

reference: IHT/p0718
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 100 Glengall Road ?
100 Glengall Road ?
A wedding cake, made by Mrs Maude Susannah Marsh, (nee Everett), of No. 100 Glengall Road. Mrs Marsh was well known for her wedding cakes. They were supplied to local couples, and also went all over the world. One of Mrs Marsh's sisters had emigrated to Canada and somehow the cakes became known out there. People would write to her and order one, saying: I'm coming over on the ship at such and such a date and I will collect it and take it back with me. A cake like the one shown here would cost about thirty-five shillings. Mrs Marsh's house is remembered as smelling Lovely with all that baking. Donated by Mrs J. Saunders

reference: IHT/p0722
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 109 Westferry Road 1930s
109 Westferry Road 1930s
John Lindemann and Joe Green, outside Joe's boot and shoe repair shop at 109 Westferry Road. Early 1930s. Joe Green was born in 1907 and lived with his mother, Clara Green, and his unmarried sister, Clara Ann James, at No 1 Claude Street. He married during the war (1941) - a girl from Southall. From Mrs Anderson

reference: IHT/p0209
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10th April 1954
10th April 1954
The Hollow Performers: Romford Red Triangle Players Play

reference: Poplar10April1954
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10th December 1955
10th December 1955
The Deep Blue Sea Performers: Romford Triangle Players Play

reference: Poplar10December1955
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10th January 1953
10th January 1953
Variety Show Performers: Freddy Randall and his Band, Lennie Hastings,Ronnie Stone, Roy Crimmins, Dave Fraser

reference: Poplar10January1953
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10th March 1951
10th March 1951
Variety Performers: Ray Ellington Quartet, Carl Carlise and Maisie Welson, Iris Sadler, George Welling, The Edwardians, Hannaway and Brown, Jerry Carol, Joyce Allen,

reference: Poplar10March1951
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10th November 1951
10th November 1951
Variety Performers: Hedley Ward Trio, Humphrey Lestocq, Ken Jackson, Nelson Fletcher, Ellen Jepp, Westway Laguna Girls, Storkey and Rule, George Welling.

reference: Poplar10November1951
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10th November 1956
10th November 1956
Jazz Concert Performers: Sandy Brown and his Jazz Band, Neva Rapaello

reference: Poplar10November1956
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 10th September 1954
10th September 1954
Aqua Show Performers: Local swimming Groups Poplar Baths

reference: Poplar10September1954
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 11 Harbinger Road
11 Harbinger Road
Mr and Mrs Battman of No. 11 Harbinger Road, E14. No date. Donated by Mrs G. Schuler

reference: IHT/p0730
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 118 Mellish Street 1980s
118 Mellish Street 1980s
Mellish Street, c1985. Albert Wilkinson and his sister Edna outside No.118 where they were born in 1919 and 1923 respectively. by Mrs Edna Smith

reference: IHT/p0725
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 11th April 1948
11th April 1948
Harry Roy and his radio band, Eve Lombard, Margaret Eaves.

reference: poplar11april1948
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 11th April 1953
11th April 1953
Variety Show Performers: The Beverley Sisters, George Coram, The Two Bernies, Neson and Wilkens, 8 Windsorettes, Bert Gordon, Len Daly, Len ReedGweda Wilkin.

reference: Poplar11April1953
copyright: THLHLA

Image of 11th April 1959
11th April 1959
East Lynne Performers: The Hornchurch Repertory Company

reference: Poplar11April1959
copyright: THLHLA