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Performing Arts

Idea Store Learning has developed a broad range of dance and performing arts courses. They will offer you the chance to learn to dance, play an instrument, perform or sing.

Whether you are interested in African, Classical European or Latin American dances, Drums, Piano and Singing, we have a course for you. Enjoy learning in an energetic, creative, friendly and supportive atmosphere.

You will be taught by skilled and experienced dance tutors, choreographers and musicians supported by a range of excellent resources.

We can offer you what you need to maintain your standard or to improve and build on it. Whether you want to become an enthusiastic amateur or aspire to perform professionally, there are courses for you too.

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Level of Classes

meet the team

Meet the Team

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Dance Facilities

Courses we currently offer include:

  • African Dance - Beginners
  • African Dance - Improvers
  • Ballet - All Levels
  • Ballet - Beginners
  • Ballet Floor Barre - All Levels
  • Ballet Floor Barre - Beginners
  • Ballet - Improvers
  • Ballet - Intermediate
  • Bellydance - All Levels (Women Only)
  • Bellydance - Improvers (Women Only)
  • Bellydance for Fitness - All Levels (Women Only)
  • Bellydance - Improvers (Women Only)
  • Contemporary Dance - Beginners
  • Contemporary Dance - Improvers
  • Contemporary Dance, Movement Exploration - All Levels
  • Flamenco - Beginners
  • Flamenco - Improvers
  • Flamenco - Intermediate
  • Flamenco Technique and Co-ordination - Beginners
  • Free Your Voice - Beginners
  • Hand Drumming and Percussion Skills - Beginners
  • Jazz Dance - All Levels
  • Lunch Time Ballet - All Levels
  • Piano Keyboard Skills - Beginners
  • Piano Keyboard Skills - Experienced Beginners
  • Jazz Improvisation Skills – All Levels
  • Jazz Genres Drumming
  • Salsa - Beginners
  • Salsa - Improvers
search for a performing arts course

Search for a Performing Arts Course