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Bethnal Green Congregational Church Baptism Register, 1860-1945

Register of Baptisms of Bethnal Green Congregational Church, 1860 - 1945 [ref W/BGU/2/2/1]

The church began in circa 1662 in Cambridge Heath Road. It was called "The Bethnal Green Meeting" or the "Bethnal Green Independent Chapel".

In 1850 a new church opened in Bethnal Green Road. This was known as the "Bethnal Green Road Congregational Church".

The Church could seat 1200 people. Bethnal Green Road Congregational Church became Bethnal Green United Reformed Church in 1974.

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The register of baptisms covers 1860 - 1945. There are no baptisms between 1869 and 1911.

The index was compiled by Bryony Leventhall.