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Bow Poor Rate Book December 1820

Bow Poor Rate Book December 1820 (ref L/SMS/B/2/34 [BOW/156])

This volume is one of a series of poor rate books, 1773 - 1867. It is part of the archives of the civil parish of St. Mary, Stratford Bow (otherwise Bow). Explore the catalogue for more descriptions of the archives (ref L/SMS)..

The poor rate was a local tax, based on property. It was levied for the maintenance of the poor of the parish. The assessment is arranged in a geographical format. It begins at Bear Binder Lane and ends at Bow Middle Buildings. See the accompanying map showing the likely route of the assessment.

The information is in in four columns:

• First column: the rateable value of the property
• Second column: the name of the owner. Tenants names are sometimes given
• Third column: brief description of the property. Tenants names are sometimes given
• Fourth column: the amount to be paid.

The index is by Madeleine Barr-Hamilton. An * indicates an abbreviation of the first name in the original document.