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Bromley St Leonard Poor Rate Book 1821

Bromley-by-Bow Poor Rate Book, March 1821 (ref L/BSL/B/2/19 [BRO/87])

This volume is part of a series of poor rate books, 1783-1836. These volumes are part of the archives of the civil parish of Bromley Saint Leonard (otherwise Bromley-by-Bow). Explore catalogue descriptions to the archives (ref L/BSL).

The poor rate was a local tax, based on property, levied for the maintenance of the poor of the parish. The assessment is arranged in a geographical format. It begins at Bromley High Street and ends at Bromley New Town. The information is in four columns.

  • First column (left-hand page): name of the owner
  • Second column: brief description of the property
  • Third column: the rateable value of the property
  • Fourth column: amount to be paid
  • Locations are in red ink across both pages.

The index is by Jozef van der Voort.
An * indicates an abbreviated first name in the original document.