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Spitalfields Rate Book 1700

This is the only rate book held for the Hamlet or Parish of Spitalfields. It covers the poor rate and 'scavenger' rate. Scavengers were the people responsible for keeping the streets clean.

These digital images give names and premises of individuals assessed in order to raise money for rates in 1700.

The area covered is the south part of the Old Town area of the Hamlet of Spitalfields. It includes the south part of the Hamlet which was bordered as illustrated by the map on the

  • south and west by the boundaries of the Hamlet
  • east by Brick Lane
  • north by Lamb Street and Browns Lane.

The index covers all names in the book. Entries which have been struck through are indicated by an asterisk.

A question mark indicates doubt about the spelling of the name.

The index is by Gary Haines.

Other rate books, 1713 - 1846 (with gaps) are in the records of the Tower Hamlets Commissioners of Sewers.

These are available at London Metropolitan Archives.