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How to order

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives stocks a wide range of excellent books, attractive maps and postcards for sale. You can buy these onsite during your visit or order them via post.

  • Email to check that items are in stock and prices. Phone us on 020 7364 1290 during our Reading Room opening hours. You can also write to us at Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives, 277 Bancroft Road, London E1 4DQ.
  • Tell us which title(s) you would like to buy and the number of copies required. The largest number of items that can be sent by post is five per order, and all postal orders are subject to postage and packaging fees.
  • You can make your payment by credit or debit card over the phone during our Reading Room opening hours
  • Your items will be posted to you on receipt of payment.
The East End in Colour

 Books and pamphlets for sale

Title Price
After You've Gone [catalogue for the Alan Dein exhibition] by Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives] £1
All My Yesterdays by Patrick Hanshaw £1.99
Anglican Church on the Isle of Dogs 1854-2004 by Eve Hostettler 


Annual Hop London to Kent by Hilary Heffernan £12.99
Battle for the East End: Jewish Responses to Fascism in the 1930s by David Rosenberg  £9.99
The Battle of Brick Lane 1978 by A.K. Azad Konor £7.99
Bengalis in London’s East End by Ansar Ahmed Ullah and John Eversley  £14.99
Bethnal Green by Gary Haines £11.99
A Bethnal Green Memoir: Re collections Of Life In The 1930S-1950s by Derek Houghton £14.99
Black Londoners 1880-1990 by Susan Okokon  £9.99 
Black Londoners: A History by Susan Okokon £9.99
Bow and Bromley-by-Bow by Gary Haines £12.99
Cable; No. 15 The Jewish East End Celebration Society  £3.95 
Captain Bligh in Wapping 1785-1790 by Madge Darby and John Douglas Tarby  £7
A Child's History of the Isle of Dogs: Migration Continuity and Change by Eve Hostettler and Philippa Dodds  £1 
Columbia Road (East London Photo Stories 7) by Johanna Neurath  £12.99
A Corner In The Kingdom Of God: an account of some persons and things in St. Mark’s, Whitechapel by Revd. Charles Voysey  £3.99 
Couldn’t Afford the Eels: Memories of Wapping 1900-1960 by Martha Leigh  £12.99
Doreen Fletcher: Paintings by The Gentle Author  £20
The East End At War by Rosemary Taylor and Christopher Lloyd  £9.99 
East End Past by Richard Tames  £15.95 
An East End Story: A Tale of Friendship by Alfred Gardner  £1.99
East End Vernacular: Artists Who Painted London's East End Streets in the 20th Century by the Gentle Author  £20 
East London Record; No.10  £1.50 
East London Record; No.11 £1.80 
East London Record; No.12  £1.90 
East London Record; No.13  £1.80 
East London Record; No.14  £2.10 
East London Record; No.15  £2.25 
East London Record; No.16  £2.25 
East London Record; No.17  £2.50 
East London Record; No.18  £2.50 
East London Record; No.19  £2.75 
East London Record; No.6  95p 
East London Record; No.7 95p
East London Record; No.8  £1.15
East London Record; No.9 £1.30
East London Suffragettes by Rosemary Taylor £9.99
Good Morning, Brothers! by Jack Dash 99p
The Hamlets and The Tower: One Thousand Years of Tower Hamlets History by Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives £1
In Letters of Gold: Story of Sylvia Pankhurst and the East London Federation of the
Suffragettes in Bowby Rosemary Taylor
Jewish Lives: Britain 1750-1950 by Melody Amsel-Arieli £12.99
Judge Jeffreys and the Ivy Case by Madge Darby 50p
The Little Book of the East End by Dee Gordon £9.99
London's East End: A 1960s Album by Steve Lewis £14.99
London's East End: A Guide for Family and Local Historians by Jonathan Oates £11.99
London's Sailortown 1600-1800 by Derek Morris and Ken Cozens £12.60
Minnie Lansbury: Suffragette, Socialist, Rebel Councillor by Janine Booth £12.99
Never Again: Rock Against Racism & The Anti-Nazi League 1976-82 by David Renton £15
A pictorial history of Victoria Park, London E3: Illustrated with Postcards and
Contemporary Photographs by Philip Mernick
Piety and Piracy: The History of Wapping and St. Katherine's by Madge Darby £9.95
The Poplars: What life was like on the WesternFront in the First World War as experienced
by the 1/17th London [ Poplar & Stepney ] Battalion, the East End Regiment by Ron Wilcox
Power Writers: Discovering and Celebrating Five African Writers by Phillis Wheatley, Ukawsaw Gronniosaw, John Marrant, Olaudah Equiano,Quobna Ottobah Cugoano £1
Rebel Footprints: a guide to uncovering London’s radical history by David Rosenberg  £12.99
The Romance of Bethnal Green by Cathy Ross £9.99
Secret Whitechapel by Louis Berk and Rachel Kolsky £14.99
Seven Parishioners of Stratford Bow by Michael Peet  £5
Spitalfields Life: In the midst of life I woke to find myself living in an old house beside
Brick Lane in the East End of London by The Gentle Author 
Stepney in Peace and War: The Paintings of Rose L. Henriques by Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives  £1
Streets of London: The Booth Notebooks – East by Jess Steele and Mike Steele £12
The East End In Colour 1960-1980 by David Granick £15
The East End In Colour 1980-1990 by Tim Brown  £15
Through the door: New Poetry from London's Archives by Archives for London £2.50
Tower Hamlets Bangladeshi Politicians Reference Book by Mayar Akash £9.99
The Tower Hamlets Connection: A Biographical Guide by Harold Finch £3.99
Tracing Your East End Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians by Jane Cox £14.99
Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet: A Guide for Family Historians by Chris Paton £12.99
Tracing Your Jewish Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians by Rosemary Wenzerul £12.99
Voices of Stepney by Dee Gordon £12.99
Walks in Dickens London: Discover London’s Docklands by Sue Gane £1
Watch Your Fingers by Alfred Gardner £5
Whitechapel 1600-1800: A Social History of an Early Modern London Inner Suburb by Derek Morris £12.60



Coloured maps (boroughwide)

  • Laurie and Whittle's New Plan of London with its Environs 1809-10
  • Laurie and Whittle's New Map of London with its Environs, including the recent improvements 1819
  • Cruchley's New Plan of London to 1839
  • Cross's New Plan of London 1847

Price: £1.95 each

Gascoyne's map of Stepney 1703 [printed 1755]

Price: £4

Godfrey's reproductions of Ordnance Survey maps

  • Aldgate [1873-1894, double-sided map]
  • Bermondsey and Wapping [1872; 1894; 1914]
  • Bethnal Green and Bow [1870; 1894; 1914
  • Bow, Bromley and West Ham [1867; 1893; 1914]
  • Deptford North [1868; 1894]
  • Greenwich [1894]
  • Greenwich and Isle of Dogs [1867; 1913]
  • Hackney [1870; 1893; 1914]
  • Poplar [1894; 1914]
  • Poplar and Canning Town [1867]
  • Rotherhithe [1868; 1894; 1914]
  • Shoreditch [1872; 1893; 1914]
  • Stepney and Limehouse [1870; 1894; 1914]
  • The Tower and St. Katharine’s Docks [1873-1894, double-sided map]
  • The Tower and St. Katharine Docks [1873]
  • West India Docks [1867; 1914]
  • West India Docks and Greenwich Marshes [1894]
  • Whitechapel, Spitalfields and The Bank [1873; 1894; 1913]

Price: £2.50 each

Posters, Prints and Cards

The Huguenot Environment postcard set
Price: £2

Assorted colour and black and white postcards
Price: £0.50 each, or any five postcards for £2

Roman Road Market poster by Jon George [abstract, in colour].
Price: £7.50.

Tower Hamlets Local History Library and Archives tote bags may also be purchased for £5 each.