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learner awards certificates

Learner Awards

Learners and tutors who go the extra mile celebrated at awards ceremony

From overcoming mental health issues to returning to learning from a number of years, the winners of this year’s Idea Store Learning Awards didn’t let anything hold them back in their pursuit of knowledge.

Learners who went above and beyond in their courses and tutors who put in the extra effort to help their students were rewarded at an awards ceremony at the New Town Hall on Wednesday 12 July.

audience at learner awards

The Inspirational Learners of the Year were:

  • Aysha Bibi Chowdhury who achieved her Level 2 Functional Skills Maths qualification, in recognition of her ability to successfully manage and combine a full-time shift job across different NHS sites and her studies. She demonstrated exemplary resilience throughout her course.
  • Barbara Salmon who undertook painting and drawing courses, in recognition of her dedication to learning as she came back to learn after a big gap of many years.
  • Emily Chitekwe in recognition of her thirst for knowledge and firm belief it’s never too late to learn. Despite doing her GCSEs many years ago, she is studying to improve her Maths and Digital Skills with Idea Store Learning.
  • Jacqueline Kelly Treend who undertook the mindfulness course, in recognition of hard work and dedication and for being a role model to her fellow learners and children.
  • Marlon Bitencourt who undertook an Entry Level 1 ESOL qualification course, in recognition of the impact learning English has had on his life and work. Despite only moving to the UK from Brazil three years ago, he has seen the importance of our classes to support individuals to communicate with colleagues at work and in everyday life.
  • Morgan Massey who undertook the intermediate ballet course, in recognition of her significant improvement in confidence, technique and ballet skills. Morgan has shown commitment, perseverance and passion for ballet even when facing difficult times in her personal life.
  • Rayhan Uddin who undertook an Essential Digital Skills qualification course, in recognition of his exceptional dedication and commitment to his learning and supporting his fellow learners in the classroom.
  • Shirley Day who undertook the printmaking course, in recognition of being an inspiration to her fellow learners in the group and selling her artwork.
  • Stephen Walker who undertook the painting, drawing and mixed media courses, in recognition of his confidence growing through painting and drawing.
  • Sumona Chowdhury who undertook an ESOL Family Learning course at her child’s school, in recognition of not only being a very active member of her class, always doing her classwork and homework but on her wider outcomes. Not only did she take part in all the enrichment activities and trips, with the help of BikeWorks she managed to learn to ride a bike for the first time.
learners get their awards
learners get their awards

There were also awards for inspirational tutors of the year, which were won by:

  • Languages lead tutor and Spanish tutor Alicia Perera-Landa, for her willingness to go the extra mile.
  • ESOL tutor Ayesha Ahad for her dedication and professionalism and for being an outstanding and dynamic tutor who skillfully engages with her learners in creative sessions which challenge them to think outside the box.
  • Christina Simpson for her dedication and professionalism and for being someone who consistently delivers to a high standard.
  • Digital Skills and Employability Tutor Kazi Rahnuma Noor Khan for her ability to design, promote and deliver high quality digital skills and employability courses.
  • Upholstery, soft furnishings, woodwork and bead craft tutor Sylvia Apperley for demonstrating inspirational commitment to providing high quality education to learners in LBTH, that goes beyond normal expectations.
  • Employability/Marketing/Creative tutor Vicki Parrot for her dedication and professionalism.

The Inspirational Support Team/Individual of the Year awards went to:

  • Fran Meredith and Louise Rummell from the LBTH payroll team for supporting Idea Stores Learning for many years to ensure our sessional tutors get paid correctly and on time. On the odd occasion when things go wrong, they are most helpful to correct the error.
  • Jackie Lyall in Exhibition Support for “can do” attitude and going the extra mile to support not only the creative industries classes but the whole Idea Store Learning service and for caring passionately about the service, the tutors and learners.
  • Communications officer Kirsty Hough for her willingness to support the team and go the extra mil and for being super efficient in her correspondence and support in getting information out to our staff and residents.
  • Lisa Watts, Macie Wheatley and Nicola Begum from the WorkPath Training Commissioning Team in recognition of their dedication to working closely with Idea Store Learning and providing support to develop and deliver courses that meet the employability needs of our residents in Tower Hamlets.

Faruk Miah, Head of Idea Store Learning, said:

“It is an honour to celebrate the achievements of our adult learners at Idea Store Learning.

“Many of them have faced challenges in their journey to further their education, including having to juggle work, family and other obligation or overcoming financial or personal obstacles. But they have persevered, and it is fantastic to be able to reap the rewards of their hard work at the awards ceremony.

“Our winners are role models to their fellow learners, and they show them that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. They are also an inspiration to me. They remind me that education is a lifelong journey, and that it is never too late to learn something new.

“I am proud to be a part of a community that values lifelong learning.”

Councillor Maium Talukdar, Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Education, Youth and Lifelong Learning, said:

“It is fantastic to be able to celebrate the hard work of our learners and staff.

“Idea Store Learning has a course for everyone and I would highly recommend everyone signing up. You never know – you might be joining us at the awards ceremony next year!”