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Come to our classes and learn the English you need to talk with neighbours and friends, read newspapers, take part in meetings, work with the public, write well at work, speak well on the phone, understand radio, television and podcasts. And much much more.

From beginner to advanced, we have classes in our Idea Stores and other venues in Tower Hamlets. Most courses are free and you do not need to live in Tower Hamlets.

How Can I join?

NEW: We have a new ESOL class starting in Idea Store Bow only in May 2024. Please go along to Idea Store Bow help desk to book an assessment appointment.

Our ESOL classes are currently full at Idea Store Whitechapel and Idea Store Chrisp Street, there will not be any further initial assessments until September 2024.

If you would like to add your name onto the enquiry list, please fill out the following form.

ESOL Initial Assessment enquiry form

Please note that filling out this form will not guarantee you a place or an initial assessment appointment. We may contact you if any places become available.

Please email if you have any questions.

ESOL Qualification Courses

Do you want a qualification in English? Join our classes at all levels to improve your

  • speaking and listening
  • reading and writing
  • Grammar
  • pronunciation

These Skills for Life courses will help you with work and everyday life, and we will support you to achieve your goals.

Specialist ESOL Classes - Without Exams

Do you want to improve your English skills without doing an exam? Would you like extra classes to help you in your exam classes? Do you need to focus on specific skills such as grammar?

Join our classes from beginner to advanced level and develop the language and other skills you need for life and work:

  • grammar skills to help you speak and write well
  • pronunciation work
  • discussion and conversation skills to help you express yourself
  • ESOL literacy and phonics to help your reading and writing
  • English for complete beginners
  • reading and writing for work and pleasure

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“I joined an Idea Store Learning course so I can speak fluently and confidently and help me to find work. I can speak without hesitation and am not as worried about making mistakes. I have lots more grammar knowledge now and I can express myself better.

My teacher worked very hard to help and support me. I would like to continue onto Functional Skills and in the future, I would really like to go to university and study for a degree. The Idea Store gave me lots of information too. I have learnt so much at the Idea Store.”

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